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Welcome to our Introverted Heart


   As an introvert, this map is mildly accurate of my heart, mind and soul. Just a few minor things that I would change to make it highly accurate. Those would be to make the lake a lot larger than what it is, there would be a lot more museums throughout, a land devoted to taking care of elderly and a lake devoted to all children, the only magazines that I read are: Time, National Geographic and Yoga; isle of renaissance fairs, rivers of midnight walks, isle of herbal remedies and an inspiration meadow would be put in.

As introverts, we tend to do things quite a bit differently. On top of that, we tend to be more of type B personality than anything else. Very laid back and go at our own pace. Some introverts can multitask quite well, whereas I like to focus on one thing at a time that way all of my attention is devoted to it.

Look at the map. As you, the reader, is looking at the map ask yourself, “what would I change?” Then comment below. Each introvert is highly different from the next one.

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