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I’m Late for a Very Important Date


Constantly running around. Never taking a moment to slow down and take a minute for yourself. Instead, you are constantly running to and from work. On top of that, you are taking care of your spouse, children, parents; and never yourself. I have always believed that you must always take care of yourself first, before you take care of everyone and everything else. If you do not take care of yourself, then things will go down the rabbit hole per se. You have to do the things you love, you need to heal yourself; heal your body, mind, soul, heart. For if you do not, then you are going to wear out your body and that’s not what it is used for. Your body is a precious temple that you only get to live in once (your next life, you will have a new body). Your health is extremely important, you should view it that way.

For me, I have to make sure that I am healthy and take care of my body. That way I can take care of my patients and the animals that I save and protect, and take care of mother nature. If I ran myself ragged, I would  not be able to help those that I love to help.
My advice to you is to take care of yourself. Take care of your body. And stop running around in this insane 9 to 5 world.

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