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The Two Paths


Everyone has their own paths that they are meant to take. These paths are specifically designed for them and only them, no one else will go down the same path as the next person.
But sometimes, a person will attempt to go down the path that is meant for someone else and things will go awry. They will become lost and confused, and they will lose control of everything. They will not realize what is going on or they will think that it is preposterous to even think that another person gets to be on a specific path and they don’t. For example, all of my friends are in relationships and have children, whereas I do not. Instead, my attention is meant to be focused on my writing and helping others. At some point, down my own two paths, I will encounter a moment where I will get to finally have a family of my own, but for now, I’m not able to.

Each person’s paths are designed for them. They will encounter that fork in the road, and get to choose which path they will continue to take. But until that time comes, they are meant to stay on the path that they are currently on.
Do not stray from your own path, nor go on someone else’s. It is not wise.

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