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Protect Mother Nature


This planet that we live on is in trouble. The trees are being chopped down to make way for the next supercenter, piles of garbage are making their way into the oceans and destroying the sea life; the ancient ruins of Babylon, Mount Olympus, lands of the natives are being terminated to look more modern. These are just a few things that are happening with this planet. No one is even considering the fact that they are destroying the planet. No one even considers the fact that they are wiping out every inch of mother nature and every animal and mammal species there is.

As a passionate advocate for protecting the earth and animals, I am constantly seeing others treating this earth like it is insignificant and others who are abusing and endangering the wildlife. And I am sick of it. I am connected to the oceans, nature and animals alike. And I believe in protecting them from the likes of those who wish to do harm.

If you are passionate about saving nature, oceans, lakes, animals alike, then get in touch with your local organizations that work to protect mother nature and the animals, and donate your time to help.

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