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Queen Elissar (Poem)


Strong, wise, and a fearless leader.
Compassionate, just, and everyone who meets her just adores her.
This magnificent queen has ruled this land for a long time,
No one can rule better than her.

Her dark brown hair is put in braids,
Her honeysuckle brown eyes show compassion and fierceness.
Her posture is elegant.
She looks strong for her petite frame.
She looks like she can take on a whole army.
And she would, If someone were to mess with her babies.

Her lands stretch from Carthage to Tyre.
For the most part, she travels by sea to reach one.
For these two are in the Mediterranean.
These lands will forever be hers.
No queen nor king will ever live up to our expectations.
She is the queen of the Mediterranean.
She is the queen of my heart.

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