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To Know Thyself


Introverted yet slightly social, stubborn yet compassionate, advocate for those who need help and need to be protected,  creative, nostalgic, night owl, lover and a fighter, sensitive and dislikes criticism, humorous, mystical, hopeless romantic, laid back, type B personality, naive at times, intuitive, nonconformist, and not a pushover.

To know thyself is truly important. For if you do not know yourself then you will subjected to conformity. Years of getting to know myself, I found myself. I found myself in nature. I found myself in the books that you find in second hand stores and libraries. I found myself in  my meditation sessions. The first paragraph is comprised of who I am as a person. And those who come across me usually say I’m sweet and stubborn with some sassy thrown in there. For the most part, they are right. But they do not know me truly. You have to project who you are, no matter if you are introverted or not.
I’ve always believed that you have to know yourself to survive the 21st century. You should never lose yourself. For when you do, you are subjected to vulnerability and conformity. And I have always been against conformity. Get to know yourself, that way you know what you want in life, know what you don’t want, and that way you don’t conform to society’s rules.

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