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The Ride Back to Avalon (Poem)


The mist fills the sky, as it does everyday.
Shielding the island from the mortals and keeping them at bay.
I swim in this lake, awaiting their arrival.
The lady of the lake also awaits their arrival.
Her head peaks through the water,
To see more clearly of the party that is suppose to arrive.

My body and tail glides smoothly through the water,
But my patience is starting to wear thin.
I’m wondering where they could be.
Wondering how it could take them this long.
Suddenly, the lady of the lake and I hear a noise.
We raise our heads out of the water,
To let them know which way to go.
The noise comes closer,
And now we can see the party.
A group of young women riding black horses,
Most of them cloaked.
But not the front one.
For her hood is taken off,
Showing her pale face and brown eyes.
The lady of the lake and I smile,
For we know who the young lady is.
She is the lady Morgana.
High Priestess of Avalon.
And she has come back to the island,
She has finally arrived back home.

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