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Dirty Little Secret


All over the news, especially on any email website that you use, the scandals with Ashley Madison (the world’s largest website that is used for affairs) are plastered all over. Which I find extremely disturbing. First off, I do not want to know other people’s business. If they are cheating on their spouse, then they need to sort it out with their spouse and not have the media get into it. Secondly, I am fully against affairs, and get furious when someone does such a thing. If I found out my boyfriend/husband was cheating on me, we would work it out. I wouldn’t want the media getting into it. It is our private problem and no one else’s. Keep in mind, I’m single as a person can get, this was just an example. But nevertheless, you get my point.

Like I said before, I’m fully against affairs. I see no reason for it. If you are truly in love with the person you have devoted your life to, then you should not have signed up on such a site like Ashley Madison. Personally, I find that site revolting. It is basically condoning affairs. And that’s against everything I believe in. I’m not judging those who have had affairs, but I’m not condoning it either. I don’t know what’s going on behind the doors of strangers, nor do I want to. It’s their problem, not mine. They need to go to counseling and work it out, instead of destroying the relationship further with divorce or murder (it has happened).

The only person that I want to be a dirty little secret to is the one that I am with. I would never cheat nor waste my time chasing someone while I am in a relationship. I have morals and live them everyday.  And everyone else should live in this way. I take being in a committed relationship seriously, and others should too. Everyone should have high morals that you and others respect. And adultery is not a moral thing. Yes, we are humans. Yes, we make mistakes. But you should know better than to commit adultery. I’m not judging, nor condoning as I said before, I just wish for others to take their vows seriously and stop screwing up relationships.

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