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No Regrets


Haven’t you thought about what your tattoos will look like when you are eighty years old?
That’s the most common question that I get when people see my tattoos and decide to judge me on them. My answer to them, I am going to look like a badass.

I have four tattoos so far, and each one does have their own meaning. I have designed each one myself and am proud of them. I do not regret getting the tattoos one bit. I do think that the one on my back could’ve been smaller, but oh well, it still looks great. I don’t quite understand why others have to ask that question. Should I be afraid of what my tattoos will look like? Because I’m not. Tattoos have been around since the dawn of time, mainly to establish a higher rank in tribes or to protect oneself, but nevertheless they have been around.


This picture above is of a beautiful elderly woman and she looks amazing with those tattoos. Yes, her skin is softer and is hanging, but it doesn’t change the tattoos drastically. In fact, it makes them look even more amazing.

There is no reason for me, or any other person to be afraid of what our tattoos will look like. We got them and we do not regret them (unless it was a drunken mistake – then that’s different). Stop asking that question because we already hear it a million times a day.

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