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Author Influences


When it comes to our passions, there is always a few people who have influenced us. For many actors, they will say that either Meryl Streep or Robin Williams influenced them in that field. And for those who are painters, they will say Diego Rivera or Michelangelo influenced them. It is all about those who have influenced us. Those who have made an impact somehow in our work.

For my writing, there are various authors and poets who have influenced me. Jane Austen inspired me to just let my hopeless romantic side go and throw caution to the wind. Because of her, I wear my heart on my sleeve and am able to write so many love poems. Edgar Allan Poe inspired me to take a walk on the dark side and let it consume me. Because of him, a lot of my poems are a gothic romantic setting. Niccolò Machiavelli taught me to question everything and then come up with the answer with what was presented in front of me. Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll, and Jules Verne inspired me to keep my inner child to maintain playfulness and otherworldly settings for my poems and stories. Elif Shafak taught me to create a world that is inside another world in my stories (hands down, probably the best author of this century). And William P. Young, who taught me to switch the roles of those who we think we know (In the shack, he wrote God as a black woman – which was brilliant and outstanding).

People influence us all the time. As well they should. We are put here to not only help each other, but to also influence one another. What’s your creative area? Who influences you?

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