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Dark Waters (Poem)


When I close my eyes,
I can see it.
I can see the dark water below the pier.
It is so dark that I cannot see what waits for me at the bottom.
I’m not scared of the water.
In fact the opposite.
I’m intrigued.
The dark water is pulling me closer and closer,
As if it were inviting me to take a dip.

Oh how I want to take a dive.
But if I do,
I fear I will not want to leave.
I fear that I will never want to come back into reality.

Just one dip.
A whisper fills my ears.
Suddenly, I have dived into the dark water.
I can see clearly.
I can see all of the fish and dolphins.
Webs have appeared between my toes and fingers.
Gills have appeared on my neck.
I look towards the top and smile,
For I know I am not leaving this place.

The phone rings and I’m brought back to reality.
The calm dark waters are locked in my mind,
Away from others.
This is my place to contemplate.
This is my place where I can meditate.
This is where I escape to from the harsh reality.

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