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Modestly Sexy


Recently I have read an article about Dr. Mayim Bialik, who is best known as Blossom or as Amy on the Big Bang Theory, and the article had to do with her religious background and on dressing modestly. Now, I’m not going to get into her being a conservative Jew, due to the fact that I am a Kabbalistic Jew and I have the utmost respect for Ms. Bialik. However this is due to the fact that she dresses modestly, which by the way, I love. She knows that she doesn’t need to show off her skin in order to be beautiful. In fact, I think she is beautiful in the clothes she wears, and love her confidence. However, Hollywood and the media have decided to take it upon themselves to declare that in order to be beautiful, you should showcase every inch of your skin. Which I think is outrageous. I don’t believe in that for one second.

When you opened up to this post and saw the pictures, what did you notice? Did you see a girl or guy naked? No. You saw two different girls in two different outfits. Those outfits are what I consider, SEXY MODEST. They are sexy in a very subtle way with the tailor fitting and also with the playful colors. They are also modest as well. The dress does showcase the upper back, which is amazing, because I could use a tan if I’m wearing that dress. But it isn’t showing off every inch of the skin. Ironically enough, I have those two outfits but they are different colors, and love them.

I am one of the few people who are against having to show every inch of skin just to feel sexy. I’m comfortable with my body, as much a person is, and prefer to do things my own way. I have thrown sexy subtly into my wardrobe and created something that I’m comfortable with. Now, I don’t wear the same bathing suit as Ms. Bialik, I wear a one piece swimsuit that has a halter top to it and exposes my upper back and shows off my legs. It is modest to me, because it covers the major areas but I feel sexy in it because of the cut of the fabric and designs.
When it comes to fashion, I know nothing. I’m just eclectic. However, I do not judge anyone’s wardrobe, because that is their wardrobe and they can do whatever they want; but I have to say this: don’t wear clothes just because Hollywood and the media tell you that you will be beautiful if you show off everything. It will damage your psyche and your personality.
Make your wardrobe your own. But just remember, in order to be sexy, just have confidence. That’s the true key.

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