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Good Witches of All Hallows Eve (Poem)


The full moon is shining up above,
Creating an ominous feeling throughout the night sky.
Tickling the darkness that lurks in the shadows,
Teasing it and hoping the darkness will come out and play.
As I stand here on the sidewalk,
I can see shadows lurk in the darkness.
Not human shadows,
Something more deadly.
I can’t put my finger on it,
But I think I know who might be in the shadows.
Crossing the road to the other side,
I hear light cackles whispering into the sky.
A hand reaches out for mine.
No hesitation, not a second thought,
I take hold of the hand and suddenly we are off.
Whisked into the air, high above the trees,
I hear another cackle;
But it’s coming from me.
I realize I am with my coven of sisters.
And we are high in the sky.
We are not the witches you’ve heard of.
No eating of children,
Nor bats wings in our cauldrons.
We lurk in the darkness and dispose those who are evil.
We do not want evil, not on all Hallows Eve,
For we send the evil back to Satan.

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