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Healing My Body Correctly


(Turkey burger with sweet potato fries at Rock and Brews in Albuquerque)

Recently, within this past month, I began to get sick. I was dragging myself around and looking paler. Now keep in mind, I was a pescatarian, form of vegetarianism. And that was giving me protein, but not the protein that I really needed. My brother, who knows that I am am animals activist, told me that I need to just add poultry in my lifestyle, that way I can get the correct amount of protein in my body. I thought about it and realized that I did need a better source of protein in my intake. So what I did was slowly reintroduce myself with poultry. I began slowly, and started to feel better and stronger.
It has been a few weeks and I have managed to heal my body better. I still don’t eat pork or red meat, for many reasons. However, I only eat seafood and poultry, along with many delicious vegetables. My body feels better. I don’t look so much like a vampire anymore, although it is kind of genetic to have fair skin in my family. And I am not dragging around anymore.

I am still an animals activist, helping animals who are endangered to stay safe. But I still manage to eat seafood and poultry, to maintain my health. I just make sure that there are no chemicals and all organic, and make sure that they went peacefully in a humane way. I care both about my health and care about the animal kingdom, I just need to nourish myself correctly in order to protect those in need.

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