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Do Not Judge (Poem)


Matthew 7:1 says, “Do not judge.”
Yet the whole world sees what you are doing.
You either say it face to face,
Or you hide behind your computer’s screen to stay hidden.
Judging and destroying humanity bit by bit,
You think you are helping but the truth is your not.

You judge the gay couple next door,
You criticize the tattoos on my body.
You wonder why I have little patience with you.
Confused and irritated,
Not understanding why you don’t welcome others with open arms.
You wonder why I refuse to talk to you anymore.
No one is perfect, not even me,
But at least I know God doesn’t want all of this hypocrisy.

Stop wasting your time,
Stop judging others.
You are not God’s greatest gift,
You are like the rest of us who live with trials and regrets.
If you want the peace to happen then man up.
I’ve already stepped up,
Are you ready to do the same?

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