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No More (Poem)


I’m the girl next door.
I’m the shy man in the office.
I’m the little kid on the playground.
I have no specific face,
Nor a specific race.
But if you lift up my clothes you will see what I want to be unseen.
Bruised and battered.
Voiceless and feeling alone.
I feel as though there is no where to go.
I wish someone could help me.
But I feel I might be judged.
Men will laugh if they find out a woman beat me up.
The cops will put me in a woman’s shelter.
Child service protection will take me away from the pain that is afflicted.

No more hitting.
No more bruises.
Listen to our silent screams,
And please don’t ignore us.
We desperately want out.
But afraid to make a sound.
Won’t someone step up,
And protect us?

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