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Ravens of Mu (Poem)


You and I are one in the same,
Both mysterious and can hide in plain sight.
It is easy to escape our predator.
For we can blend in under the night sky.
But during the day, we must stay inside.
Hide from those who want to destroy us.
Hide from those who plan on wiping out our race.
You are my father,
And I, your daughter.
We are the last of our kind.
We escaped from our sinking continent that no one is able to find,
And now we must blend in with modern society to try to survive.
Father raven, do not fear.
I know that you are watching me.
I can see you hiding in the dark,
And see you fly above me during the day.
Father raven, do not fear.
For now, we are safe and no one can find us.
For we are hiding in plain sight.

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Follow Your Own Paths


Each soul that resides in a body has two paths that are meant for them. These two paths are designated for them and only for them. If another person where to try to take over that path that doesn’t belong to them, then things will go horribly awry. Things will spin out of control and it will throw everything off balance.

When something is thrown off balance, then the soul that resides in the person can end in turmoil. Which is extremely bad. I shouldn’t have to dive further in to describe what may happen to a specific individual. This is due to the fact that each person, each soul, is completely different.

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that each person has two paths. These paths are created for the person’s soul to follow. For example; for me, my current path is to focus on my poetry and writing a romance novel, while creating a healthier and safer environment for future generations. But as of right now, I could honestly tell you that I don’t know what my next path may be.

If your soul feels like it is trying to tug you away from a path that you are trying to pursue, then that path is obviously not meant for you. That means you need to stop what you are doing and try not to attempt to go down that path that is not designated for you.
But if your soul is pushing you further down the path, then that path is definitely designated for you.
Listen to your heart. Listen to your mind. Listen to your soul. Never stray from your paths. And never try to take over another person’s path.

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Disease (Poem)


Cigarette smoke fills the air around us.
The smell of alcohol lingers on the tongue.
Words slur and incoherent sentences are formed.
No one can understand what escapes your mouth.
Drunken fights and restless nights,
It’s hard to take care of you when it hurts inside.
The need to help you overwhelms me,
Yet this disease is pushing me further away.
Another light,
Another sip.
You are pushing us all away.
I hear your cry.
I hear your prayers.
But unable to help unless you take the first step.
Put the bottle down,
Put the cigarette out.
Take a step outside,
And breathe in the night air.
For you can start a new life.
You can take the next path.
There’s more to life.
More to life than cigarettes and beer.

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Book Club: October


For the month of October, the book that I have chosen for the book club is the Witch’s Daughter.

This book is brilliantly written and I urge everyone to read it. The setting is placed in 1628 over in England. A young girl by the name of  Bess Hawksmith has just witnessed her mother hanged from the Hanging Tree. The book then jumps to modern day England. She must survive plagues, heartbreak, among other ailments that come from having immortality.
This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. As you read this book, a movie will begin to play in your mind. You will have the time of your life. I enjoyed every page of the book, and I believe you will too.

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Heroine (Poem)


A character out of a romance novel,
Something so sweet and naive.
A precious jewel that is hard to keep.

She is unlike any other character.
Unlike any woman I’ve ever written.
She is fierce, independent yet a hopeless romantic.
Ones that only come along once in a while.
No dragon is keeping her locked up.
No evil stepmother trying to sabotage her.
Just a lovely teacher who helps kids become amazing adults.
She’s the hero of her story.
No knight that needs to come and save her.
For she has rescued herself.
She’s the woman who can rescue all women and show them their worth.
She’s the woman who starts the story and ends it as well.

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Loving an Introvert


As an introvert and hopeless romantic,  I know that I want a different type of love. The type of love that is passionate yet slightly assertive with actions speaking louder than words. I’m not talking about making love. I’m talking about how I want a man to love me in a more intimate way that doesn’t involve jumping into bed all the time. And I am probably correct in saying that almost every introvert out there feels the same way I do.

1. Moments of solitude.
We love you, trust us, we do. But in order to stay sane, we need to be able to have time just to ourselves.

2. Loyalty and commitment.
We find it extremely attractive and also very endearing when our partner is interested in committed relationships and believes in loyalty.

3. Intimacy without love making.
Yes, to a point, love making is important. But intimacy, the type where you get extremely close to one another and share your inner heart, soul, and ambitions is what drives us. We love to listen to others talk. Listen to them pour their souls out and become vulnerable. With us already being vulnerable, it is comforting to see our partner become the same way. This type of intimacy is what drives us to the brink.

4. Jump into our world, and we will do the same.
Having a high imagination, introverts have very detailed inner worlds. I have several. But if you try to make an effort and join us in our inner worlds, then we will do the same with you.

5. Intimate mornings.
Everyone has a favorite day of the week. Mine happens to be Sunday’s, more specifically Sunday mornings. Make breakfast in bed with your partner. Or just cuddle under the blankets while you listen to some light music. Just feeling each other’s energies and spending this intimate moment with your introvert is the best thing in the world.

Loving someone isn’t always about making love. It is about being intimate. Being vulnerable.

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A Familiar Stranger (Poem)


A lover alone without love.
A mystical cloud covers my eyes,
Keeping me hidden away.
Words pile up on top of each other,
While swirling around my ears,
taunting me every second.

Becoming a stranger in a well known land.
The land looks familiar,
But the faces blur.
Disappearing into the scenery around them.
What if I told you that I do not belong here?
What would you think?
Your eyes would probably be glazed.
And your face flushed.
Confusion will cloud your judgement,
Yet you look at me with sympathy.
A stranger in your strange land.
A stranger that will be etched forever into your memory.