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Rebelling Against Society: Banned Books


There are hundreds of books that are banned in several countries and schools. Which irritates me. Why should a book be banned? Why is everyone in this close minded society so afraid? I have figured out the answer to the second question. The answer is, because they are afraid of those who are not afraid to write what they want and maintain their imagination. They are afraid that there might be a different world out there, corruption and conformity is keeping them from exploring the unknown worlds.
I, on the other hand, am not afraid to rebel against what others say. I have read every banned book. And they are invigorating. Captivating and draw me inside the worlds of the author’s minds. Alice in Wonderland, The Prince, The Mountain Wreath, and Frankenstein are just a few banned books and I have read them. I actually have these books in my apartment at this very moment, and like to enjoy reading them while I drink hot tea or hot cocoa at three in the morning or at breakfast on a Sunday morning. However, I will not read fifty shades of grey, even if it is banned in Malaysia. Due to the fact that I know the summary of the book and find it revolting.

Each book that is banned, I’ve read, and I can tell you that yes, there are a few key points that might spark rage in a person. But overall, the books are brilliant and well written. I recommend reading these books that are banned. Stop being so close minded and scared of what lies inside the pages. Take a risk. Rebel against society and their rules of literature.

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