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Between Two Worlds


Switching from everyday reality to my own reality on a daily basis is what I tend to do. This is nothing new to me. In fact, I’ve been doing this ever since I was a child. And for the most part, no one could ever tell if I was fully present or not. Sometimes in class, while the teacher was talking (especially in mathematics), I would transfer myself into my own reality. One minute I would be sitting in mathematics, and the next I would be swimming through the oceans with my mermaid tail and wings (half mermaid/half angel) or walking around my cottage while reading a book. My inner world is very detailed. It always has. I had created my inner world as a child. And to describe the different portals would take ages, so I will not be doing that.

Even as an adult I still split my time between this reality that we are currently in and my reality. I am always going to do that. For many reasons. It is where I go to escape from the cruel vindictive world. It is where I go when I meditate (will explain in another post). It is where I get all of my ideas for my poems and short stories. My inner world is something that I know that will always be there. I may be quiet and a little shy, but I also have a mischievous playful side and this tends to show when I’m present in this reality. But once I have entered my reality, I am off in another world either healing myself or getting inspired.

If you are just like me, don’t be ashamed to switch realities. It’s part of who you are. If you have any children who are just like this, let them switch. They will be able to make their imagination stronger and be inspired to create new things.

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