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Daughter of the Moon (Poem)


I walk among you,
Hidden but still able to be seen.
I stay in the shadows in the day,
But walk the dark streets of the night.
Glimpses of me will be in the corner of your eye.
Do not be afraid, for I bring peace and comfort.
I make sure to keep you safe,
And away from any danger.
Although you barely hear a word spoken from my lips,
You know that there is little to be said.
For I am your guide.
Your spiritual guide in the flesh.
I have a beating heart.
And a sensitive soul.
That’s why I hide in the shadows.
For I am vulnerable to those who are cold hearted.
I lurk in the shadows of the day time,
But roam the city under the bright pale moonlight.
For not only am I your guide,
But I am also a daughter of the moon.
The sun is beginning to rise,
And now I must scurry off.
But do not be afraid my dear,
I will be lurking around to keep you safe.

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