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Becoming Comfortable In Your Skin


Tall, petite, apple shaped, hourglass shaped, thin, fat; everyone is different this is a fact. Yet, predominantly here in the United States, everyone is told that they must cover up unless they are considered perfect in the eyes of the social media. And with this happening, everyone is becoming extremely insecure about their bodies and about who they are as a person.

That is what I was thinking about over this past weekend. I was thinking about the horrible impact that the media has been inflicting onto our society and inside our minds. And quite frankly, it sickens me. The impact is mainly here in the states, but it is slowly starting to make its way to the other countries. However, I noticed something. Over in Europe, everyone is more comfortable in their skin. They are not afraid to bare their skin and show what their parents gave them. They live in countries that are more about promoting positive body images, instead of tearing a person down. Which is utterly brilliant.
For the longest time, I was just like everyone else here in the states. I looked at my body with dissatisfaction. But now, I look at my body and my outlook on myself and my life has changed drastically. I see my body as a strong soft temple that I can finally love. And with that, parts of my life has changed drastically, in a good way of course. And I want to show everyone how to embrace their own bodies and to stop listening to the media.

1. Accept your own body shape and size.
Everyone is shaped differently and different sizes. I’m petite and have soft curves, whereas I have friends who are tall and skinny. Everyone is different, there is no reason to compare yourself to others. It will make you miserable. Forget the labels. They don’t represent you as a whole.

2. Adopt the European attitude.
Embrace your masculinity or femininity. Embrace the fact that you have a beautiful temple that is your body and just show it that you love it dearly.

3. Birthday suiting up.
Now, I’m not saying you should go to your local grocery store and be completely naked. You will get thrown in jail for that. What I am saying is, go nude in your home or apartment. Forget the clothes. Clothes are an obligation for when you are in public. But in the privacy of your own place, strip out of your clothes and do everything in the nude. I do it all the time and find it invigorating. You can get your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend to get in on it. But wouldn’t recommend doing it in front of your children unless you establish some rules first.

4. You are enough!
You are enough. You are beautiful to me. No matter how small or big you may be. But here is the thing, you don’t need validation from me or anyone else. You just need validation from yourself. That’s all you need.
I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world, but I see myself as cute and pretty; and I’m perfectly content with that. If you see yourself as beautiful then the whole world will see it as well.

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