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Loving an Introvert


As an introvert and hopeless romantic,  I know that I want a different type of love. The type of love that is passionate yet slightly assertive with actions speaking louder than words. I’m not talking about making love. I’m talking about how I want a man to love me in a more intimate way that doesn’t involve jumping into bed all the time. And I am probably correct in saying that almost every introvert out there feels the same way I do.

1. Moments of solitude.
We love you, trust us, we do. But in order to stay sane, we need to be able to have time just to ourselves.

2. Loyalty and commitment.
We find it extremely attractive and also very endearing when our partner is interested in committed relationships and believes in loyalty.

3. Intimacy without love making.
Yes, to a point, love making is important. But intimacy, the type where you get extremely close to one another and share your inner heart, soul, and ambitions is what drives us. We love to listen to others talk. Listen to them pour their souls out and become vulnerable. With us already being vulnerable, it is comforting to see our partner become the same way. This type of intimacy is what drives us to the brink.

4. Jump into our world, and we will do the same.
Having a high imagination, introverts have very detailed inner worlds. I have several. But if you try to make an effort and join us in our inner worlds, then we will do the same with you.

5. Intimate mornings.
Everyone has a favorite day of the week. Mine happens to be Sunday’s, more specifically Sunday mornings. Make breakfast in bed with your partner. Or just cuddle under the blankets while you listen to some light music. Just feeling each other’s energies and spending this intimate moment with your introvert is the best thing in the world.

Loving someone isn’t always about making love. It is about being intimate. Being vulnerable.

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