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Disease (Poem)


Cigarette smoke fills the air around us.
The smell of alcohol lingers on the tongue.
Words slur and incoherent sentences are formed.
No one can understand what escapes your mouth.
Drunken fights and restless nights,
It’s hard to take care of you when it hurts inside.
The need to help you overwhelms me,
Yet this disease is pushing me further away.
Another light,
Another sip.
You are pushing us all away.
I hear your cry.
I hear your prayers.
But unable to help unless you take the first step.
Put the bottle down,
Put the cigarette out.
Take a step outside,
And breathe in the night air.
For you can start a new life.
You can take the next path.
There’s more to life.
More to life than cigarettes and beer.

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