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Follow Your Own Paths


Each soul that resides in a body has two paths that are meant for them. These two paths are designated for them and only for them. If another person where to try to take over that path that doesn’t belong to them, then things will go horribly awry. Things will spin out of control and it will throw everything off balance.

When something is thrown off balance, then the soul that resides in the person can end in turmoil. Which is extremely bad. I shouldn’t have to dive further in to describe what may happen to a specific individual. This is due to the fact that each person, each soul, is completely different.

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that each person has two paths. These paths are created for the person’s soul to follow. For example; for me, my current path is to focus on my poetry and writing a romance novel, while creating a healthier and safer environment for future generations. But as of right now, I could honestly tell you that I don’t know what my next path may be.

If your soul feels like it is trying to tug you away from a path that you are trying to pursue, then that path is obviously not meant for you. That means you need to stop what you are doing and try not to attempt to go down that path that is not designated for you.
But if your soul is pushing you further down the path, then that path is definitely designated for you.
Listen to your heart. Listen to your mind. Listen to your soul. Never stray from your paths. And never try to take over another person’s path.

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