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Ravens of Mu (Poem)


You and I are one in the same,
Both mysterious and can hide in plain sight.
It is easy to escape our predator.
For we can blend in under the night sky.
But during the day, we must stay inside.
Hide from those who want to destroy us.
Hide from those who plan on wiping out our race.
You are my father,
And I, your daughter.
We are the last of our kind.
We escaped from our sinking continent that no one is able to find,
And now we must blend in with modern society to try to survive.
Father raven, do not fear.
I know that you are watching me.
I can see you hiding in the dark,
And see you fly above me during the day.
Father raven, do not fear.
For now, we are safe and no one can find us.
For we are hiding in plain sight.

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