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Queen of the Dead Forest(Short Story)


     The entire forest floor was covered by dried up brown and yellow leaves. They created their own patterns of swirls and other unique shapes all over the forest floor. The only sounds that whispered into the air was the light wind and the small animals who dared to move throughout the forest. Squirrels scurried all over the forest floor, trying to make it back to their homes in the trees. But they kept getting sidetracked by finding more nuts that kept falling onto the ground. The elk slowly moved between the trees. Cautiously looking around, trying to see any sign of life that might be lurking. Suddenly, the elk stopped right in his tracks. The sound of light footsteps start to fill the now empty air of the forest, and begin to get closer to where the elk stood.
Frozen still, the elk watched the woman come into view and he watched her every move.

     She took a few more steps, and was now in full view for the elk to see her fully. She didn’t see the elk that was frozen still on her right side, because he was partially hidden by an enormous tree that took up a good amount of space. She stood there for a moment, and then begin to lift her hands and arms up to the sky. As she lifted her chin towards the sky, her eyes closed and her mouth opened just slightly to let the fresh air fill her mouth with the sweetness of the autumn air. To her, it felt like it could rain any moment. This excited her, for the rain would cloak her and keep her hidden for tonight.

    After a few moments of standing like this, she began to speak, “Daluet norai teres.” She said those the words three more times. As she said the sentence one final time, she opened her eyes and noticed the dead leaves forming into a small tornado around her, and started to lift her off the ground and into the air.

    The elk still stood there, watching the woman being lifted into the air by the swirling dead leaves. His eyes widen more, as if he was terrified by what was happening in front of him. He didn’t dare move at this point, for he didn’t know what would become of him if he were to disturb this process that the women was going through. And he definitely didn’t want to know what she would do to him,  especially if she was capable of creating a swirling vortex of leaves.

       The tornado of leaves picked up its speed, swirling around her body and transforming her. Suddenly, the tornado slowly lowered her down and all of the swirling leaves came to a halt and fell to forest floor. There, on the ground, she laid. Her eyes were closed and her body in the fetal position. Then her eyes opened up.

     The elk watched the young woman get onto her knees and raise herself to her feet. She looked different now. She once had beautiful blonde curly hair, but now she had black and red curly hair. Before, she wore a steampunk vest with black skinny jeans and a pair of  boots. Now she wore a long black dress that hugged her curves perfectly. Her once manicured nails were now like long daggers jutting out of fingers. On top of her curly head of hair laid a black crown. Her new look made her look more fierce. It would make others quiver with fear when they saw her.

   The elk was terrified, he still stood in the same spot. Even as the rain began to fall, he stood there. Suddenly, she looked at the elk and smiled. She knew that he was there the entire time!
The rain began to pour down and she began to walk into the rain. Suddenly, the rain cloaked her. The rain had made her disappear into thin air, whisking her off to let her destroy anything that came across her path.

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