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What’s In A Name?


Love. Such a beautiful feeling, such a disastrous feeling. To love is to feel alive. To love is a major part of anyone’s life. It is hard to say what makes a person fall deeply in love with another human being. It is definitely hard to describe it to another soul, for everyone feels it differently.

For one person, it could feel as though a train ran them over. For another, it could feel as though they are floating high in outer space. Each person who experiences love is going to experience differently, as well they should. Love is a precious gift. A gift that leads us to find that happy ending that all dream of. 
As a hopeless romantic, I love so ardently. I love boldly. For me, I wear my emotions and my heart on my sleeve. Yes, it makes me more susceptible to vulnerability, but being vulnerable is a good thing. It can open you up to a new type of love that you’ve never known. It can lead you to finding that one true love that you’ve been searching for since you were a child.

Love is not something that should be taken lightly. If you have found someone that you truly love, someone that you would have a terrible life without, then keep them around (if you are in a abusive relationship, then leave, that’s not love, that’s fear). Everyone deserves to love someone and to be loved.

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