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Books in my Library


As many of you know, I’m an avid reader. I have read thousands of books in my 24 years of life. Ranging from mythological to romance to gothic to philosophy. And most recently, I was thinking about what genre of books fill my mind more. Which books are placed higher in my mind and also on my bookshelf.
I thought about it, and realized that the genres that rank higher in my world are philosophy, mythological (mermaids, Arthurian, etc.), Gothic-thriller, Ancient civilizations, poetry and meditation (shamanism).
Yes, I love to read romance, but it is not my favorite. I do not seek it out when I go to second hand bookstores. I do not request it for Valentine’s day. I do not seek out finance books, nor any subject that relates to it.

There is a hundred different types of genres out there, which breaks off into thousands and thousands of books. Each person has their own selection that they prefer, and that’s perfectly fine. I prefer either The Prince by Nicolò Machiavelli or study the lost civilizations of Egypt or Greece, while someone would prefer Twilight.

What’s in your library? What’s your favorite genre(s)?

3 thoughts on “Books in my Library

  1. I’ll absolutely devour anything written by Elizabeth Gilbert, but I also enjoy the occasional YA novel. I used to read a ton of Nora Roberts. I’m a big fan of Dan Brown; he’s the only author I’ve read that gets me interested in mystery/action. I enjoy fantasy just as much as the next, and usually tend to avoid the teen angst novels.

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  2. Interesting choice of books. I used to go through commentaries on classical and modern philosophy before realizing that the best way to follow it is to read the original works. That was after two years of soul-searching in the voice of a voice. :/ What else do you read in Philosophy?

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    1. When it comes to philosophy, it’s best for one to dive into the original works. There’s nothing wrong with commentaries, but you won’t be able to absorb the material in its true form.
      I’ve read a lot of different books when it comes philosophy. I really like “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. You should check it out.


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