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Love All


For those who know me very well know that I’m not one to hate a person. Hate is actually not really part of my vocabulary. If I do not like something or someone, I dislike them and find them ignorant. Instead, my friends and family know that there are two sides to me, heal or destroy. I love to help others. Help countries, animals and create a utopian society for future generations. When it comes to destroying something, that only happens when my loved ones are being threatened. Now, most people know that I see everyone on this planet as a daughter, son, brother or sister. I can’t help it. I’m hardwired to see everyone like that. Therefore, I’m going to love everyone. But, when it comes to extremists around the world, then I tend to destroy them and put them in their place. As an introvert, this shocks a few people. But it’s just how I am, and how I deal with things.

Everyone is currently saying that all Muslims deserve to die. No, no they do not. Not all Muslims are these horrible people that you see on the news. The ones that you see on the news are extremists and were not taught love. They were taught violence and ignorance.
I have a few friends who are Muslim and we get along very well. No fights break out between us. We respect one another and want to see peace in this world.
“Love all people.” My grandpa Prentice told me multiple times when I was growing up (also name of his band). And he is right. In order to make peace with one another, you must love everyone. Yes, there are extremists all over the world. They are part of the Muslim, Christian, Catholic, etc faiths. But not all are bad. Remember that.

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