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Life in Andorra (Poem)


The sounds of the church bell rings throughout the city,
Signaling to us that it is now noon.
I sit on the floor of the flat writing poetry,
As my love paints on canvases.
The smell of fruit, chocolate, and cheese fill the air.
Teasing us with the aroma that they project.

A Saturday afternoon,
A misty day in the mountains.
This beautiful small city has captured all of us.
A place where you can live your life and push forward,
A place where you can raise a family.
France to the north,
Spain to the south.
This small country is filled with culture and unique traditions.

This Iberian country has captivated all,
Since the dawn of time.
My family once resided here,
But now live all over.
To come back to a place to like Andorra is a dream come true.
I live my life in this country.
I live in the city in the mountains.

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