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An Herbalist Advice: Borage


Borago Officinalis, also known as Borage, is a Mediterranean herb. The ancient Greeks called it, “lingua bubula”.

This herb has rough and hairy leaves. There are many virtues to this herb: courage, joy, merriment, exhilaration. The ancients grew over three varieties of borage, one with white flowers, one with “blew floures”, and even one that lived through the rough winter times.

When it comes to this medicinal herb, the leaves are meant to eaten raw after an illness. This is to clean the blood, or even washed and applied to bruises and abrasions as a poultice. When the leaves and the flowers are steeped in wine, they drive melancholy away. The flowers are made into conserves to alleviate any hoarseness. The roots are dug and cleaned, then steeped in a little oil, and applied to green wounds. With this, it is to treat gangrenous infections.

This amazing herb helps alleviate any problems that a person may have. If your symptoms do not go away with in three to five days, then see your primary physician.

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