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Reincarnation (Poem)


Smoke fills the air,
Making it hard to breathe.
The whole house is on fire,
It is beginning to crumble around me.
Stuck in a room,
I’m unable to leave.
The door is on fire,
And so is the window.
A loud scream escapes my mouth,
Yet it sounds muffled.
Muffled by the fire,
Muffled by the sounds of the house falling.

In the next room,
I hear my boys crying and screaming for me.
I scream through the wall,
To tell them it will be alright.
Suddenly, all is quiet.
I can’t hear their screams,
I can’t hear mine.
The house is gone,
So are we.
Now we reside in new bodies,
Now we live in a new time.

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