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Cemetery by the Lake (Poem)

image (Painting by Arthur Rackham)

High in the mountains near the lake,
Lies countless unmarked graves.
A scene no one can tear their eyes from,
A feeling that makes one nauseous.
To know the true story,
It may haunt one for all eternity.

The Battle of Camlann will always be remembered.
It will be remembered in the minds of men.
The battle that took the king off the throne,
To replace with another was the goriest one of all time.
Mordred stood his ground,
Arthur stood his.
The sound of the sword piercing through the chain mail,
Is truly horrifying.
For a moment the sounds of men fighting fade away,
As faces begin to turn pale.
Two swords,
One in the other’s body.
The look on the faces is horrifying.
Blood curdling screams fill the muggy air.
Two men now lie on the earth’s floor with swords sticking out.
The battle has ended.
The king is dead,
As are the witches and druids who fought.

They all now lie in the soil,
Under unmarked graves.
The battle may be over,
But story lives on forever.
For Arthur, his story has just begun;
For when the five kingdoms need him again,
He will rise once more.

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