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All the World’s a Stage


” All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.” William Shakespeare, Act II Scene VII.
When Shakespeare wrote this famous quote for his play, As You Like It, he didn’t realize what he had said is completely and utterly true. Indeed, we all play numerous parts. We play sons and daughters, lovers and friends, even traitors and healers. These roles each and everyone plays into the big scheme of things, realizes that there are consequences, yet we do not care. It is how you and I alike survive this crazed uncivilized world. We walk around, with our heads in our books or in our laptops, just playing the roles that have either chosen us or we have chosen.
Sometimes, a person will play a role that is not meant for them. And when one does so, they fall into a never ending pit. It is easy to fall prey to wanting to play a role that is not meant for you, but one must remember that if you choose to do so, then you should understand the consequences you will gain.
This is not a scare tactic, it is a post about what you should already know about who you are playing.

What is the role that you have chosen to play? Did it choose you or did you choose it?

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Oath (Poem)


Hiding in our homes,
Hiding in the forests.
This fear that is attacking us,
Is driving us away.
Driving fathers, mothers, sons and daughters into hiding.

You took an oath.
A oath to protect,
A oath to lead.
Yet, you do no such thing.
You hide in your home,
Afraid to come out.
Afraid to do the job you promised to do.
You wonder why no one likes you,
You wonder why no one wants you to be here anymore.
Once a person stands up against you,
They are suddenly shut up.
That’s not supposed to happen.

Stop hiding in the house,
Stop lying to the people.
Do the job you’re supposed to do,
And protect them.
Otherwise people will leave this country,
And you will lose your following.

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Many of you know me pretty well by now, and one of the things that I tend to do is get rather upset with our human race for being ignorant and belittling one another. For the most part, I keep my mouth shut, due to the fact that I don’t have time to waste my breath on some insignificant debate. But then there are times where I cannot keep myself from being quiet, I must speak what’s on my mind. That’s what this post is about.

I see the world for what it could be, not for what it is right now. I constantly say this, not only to myself but to others. I see the full potential of this world. I see the full potential for mankind to step up to the plate and own their own mistakes. Yet, right now, this society is so messed up because they want to fight over a candy cane. A candy cane. Why? Why do you need to fight over some disgusting holiday candy? There’s no reason for it. Absolutely no reason for it. Christians, Pagans and Atheists are all fighting over this little piece of garbage, just because they have nothing better to do. I’m going to clear something up for everyone; candy cane is not some religious magical candy. It is a piece of candy that was made in the 1600’s by a local baker. Another thing, Christmas is technically not a Christian holiday. In fact, it is a Pagan holiday (do not gloat). As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ’s birthday is unknown. The Western Christian Church decided to make it that day during the 4th century. Everyone needs to realize that they need to obtain the correct facts in order to rebuttal. Atheists, my dear friends, yes it is annoying to see yet another thing to be turned into some religious showcase. And you have every right to be upset, but it doesn’t mean you have to trash talk the religions who believe in this.
That goes for everyone that reads this post, you can believe in whatever you want to believe. You have free will. However, you cannot be forcing your views down another person’s throat. You cannot be sitting there thinking you are holier than thou, and thinking you are God. You are not a God. I’m not a religious person, I’m a spiritual and philosophical type of person. Yet, I have friends from all walks of life. I do not judge them, and they do not judge me.

As I said before, you can believe in whatever you want to believe. You can believe in little people who live in your basement, I will not care. I will not judge. Just don’t try to force feed your religious views and stories down anyone’s throat. It is immoral and you are trying to make them believe in something that they do not want to believe.

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Beyond the Pillars: Poetry Book


    Greetings everyone! I am pleased to announce that my second poetry book, Beyond the Pillars, is now available through my publisher, Middle Island Press and through Amazon.

For this collection, I was inspired by time traveling. I believe that there are many ways a person can time travel, more specifically in our minds. If we look at a painting, sculpture or even walk through ancient ruins, our minds can send us through a portal, sending us back in time. I experience this daily, and hope that all of you enjoy my second poetry book.

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Just A Dream


    I would be browsing the bookstore or library, searching for a new book to read. As I walked down each aisle, looking high and low, I wouldn’t notice anyone around me, for my eyes would be fixated on the thousands of books on the shelves before me. Then out of nowhere, a tall rugged gentleman would come up to me and hand me a book, a romance historical book to be exact. A conversation would take place, and suddenly we would be walking around the place, talking about books, authors, and art. Then it would be time for both of us to part, but before we did, we exchanged numbers and he kissed my hand. A courtship would occur, and we would both be so ardently in love with each other.

This is the romantic dream that I always had when I was growing up. I would daydream about it in class, or as I was in the corner of the library while I read. Hopeless romantic, is the ultimate word to describe who I am. It sums me up perfectly in every aspect of my life. I look at art and I see passion and see horror, it’s part of the romance inside of me. When I write, I write about love and about people’s quirks and flaws a person falls in love with. When I write, I write in a gothic-romantic setting, it’s just how I view the world around us.
Sadly though, being a hopeless romantic has made it hard for me to find my “Mr. Darcy” or “Colonel Brandon”.
You see, we live in a time where everyone is hitting on each other at bars or resort to online dating (not judging, it is meant for some but not others), and for myself, I cannot go through with it. I’ve tried, but failed because of numerous reasons. And with that, I’ve given up.

If you are a hopeless romantic, don’t give up just because I did. I’m sure there are nice guys who you like, you just need to weed them out and find your true love.

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An Herbalist Advice: Hydrastis Canadensis


Hydrastis canadensis, also known as Goldenseal, is a very active plant. It is not very well known in the Americas, due to it being native to Europe and Northern Asia. In those regions, it grows on the hillsides and meadows where it flourishes.

The aerial parts of the plant is harvested to make a tincture to treat cystitis. After the parts are harvested and made into a tincture, it can be used to treat diuretic issues. The Goldenseal has diuretic properties and even tones the muscles of the bladder walls. This plant contains Saponin compounds, which in return have anti-fungal actions.
The Hydrastis canadensis, also known as Goldenseal, is the ideal plant for your diuretic issues. Don’t result to laxatives, because those can easily damage the inside of your body.

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Paris in our Hearts and Minds


At this moment, the number of casualties in Paris, France has reached to 150. But by the end of the weekend, it is more likely that more casualties will be found, which will raise that number even higher.
The attacks happened throughout the  day and night at six different locations, taking several victims lives at each site. Some died, some injured, and some walked away without a mark. But the one thing that the entire city has in common, is the fact that all are terrified and have lost brothers, sisters, mother’s and father’s.

Right now around the world, major cities are lighting up their cities with  France’s flag to show their support. If you don’t mind, could you pray, meditate, or even just keep them in your heart and mind? Just to wish them safety. Just to wish them love and to let them know that they have the support of everyone around the world.