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The Spiritual Life I Lead


For years I was terrified to live the life that I wanted to live, the one that I felt more at home; due to the fact that I was afraid what my dad would think, and what members of his family would think. But as I got older, the more I realized that I needed to be open with them to deepen our relationship, and if they didn’t want anything to do with me, then that’s their own problem that they need to work out.
Oddly enough, on my mom’s side, I’m able to have these conversations with many of my relatives. Which is quite soothing and comforting.

The spiritual life I lead is simplistic, where I value balance, harmony, spirituality, family, mysticism, kabbalah, nature, knowledge and my green thumb. I practice the ancient traditions of my Welsh, Celtic, and Native American heritages. Incorporating smudging, church being of nature, natural healing, Crystal healing, yoga, prayer and meditation. I also incorporate the kabbalah part of my Judaism descent from my dad’s side of the family and go to the synagogue on occasions. I believe in God, but I also believe in Mother Nature and the inhabitants.
I believe in reincarnation, in past lives (I know that I have had several). I believe in what my dreams are, they are of what future things are to come in my life, and about 85% of them have come true, the others are just nightmares. I believe that there are several places a person can go after death (from reincarnation to a spiritual plane “heaven”, or become guides for others).

Each of us are to go on our own spiritual journey, and we should never be afraid to be open about who we are. If we close off, then we close off an entire part of who we are.

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