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Twin Flame Love (Poem)


This pain that resides in my heart,
Is torturing my soul and mind.
Searching under every rock,
Searching the highest parts of the mountains adds more pain to my heart.
Unable to find you my love,
Is slowly killing me.

Unable to hold you in my arms,
Unable to kiss your lips.
Unable to wake up every morning with you by my side.
This scavenger hunt to find you is driving me insane.
My heart aches,
My soul is shredding into pieces.

It’s been many lifetimes since we’ve been together.
It’s been many lifetimes since we’ve held each other.
Our souls are meant for one another.
This world may be big,
But it shouldn’t be this hard.
I can feel your soul while I’m awake,
I can hear your voice comforting me.
You plague my dreams,
You plague my visions.
If you hear me my love,
Then meet me in our dreams.
Meet me in our safest place where we first fell in love,
Meet me where it all began.
Meet me where God created us for the first time lifetimes ago.

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