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Paris in our Hearts and Minds


At this moment, the number of casualties in Paris, France has reached to 150. But by the end of the weekend, it is more likely that more casualties will be found, which will raise that number even higher.
The attacks happened throughout the  day and night at six different locations, taking several victims lives at each site. Some died, some injured, and some walked away without a mark. But the one thing that the entire city has in common, is the fact that all are terrified and have lost brothers, sisters, mother’s and father’s.

Right now around the world, major cities are lighting up their cities with  France’s flag to show their support. If you don’t mind, could you pray, meditate, or even just keep them in your heart and mind? Just to wish them safety. Just to wish them love and to let them know that they have the support of everyone around the world.

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