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Just A Dream


    I would be browsing the bookstore or library, searching for a new book to read. As I walked down each aisle, looking high and low, I wouldn’t notice anyone around me, for my eyes would be fixated on the thousands of books on the shelves before me. Then out of nowhere, a tall rugged gentleman would come up to me and hand me a book, a romance historical book to be exact. A conversation would take place, and suddenly we would be walking around the place, talking about books, authors, and art. Then it would be time for both of us to part, but before we did, we exchanged numbers and he kissed my hand. A courtship would occur, and we would both be so ardently in love with each other.

This is the romantic dream that I always had when I was growing up. I would daydream about it in class, or as I was in the corner of the library while I read. Hopeless romantic, is the ultimate word to describe who I am. It sums me up perfectly in every aspect of my life. I look at art and I see passion and see horror, it’s part of the romance inside of me. When I write, I write about love and about people’s quirks and flaws a person falls in love with. When I write, I write in a gothic-romantic setting, it’s just how I view the world around us.
Sadly though, being a hopeless romantic has made it hard for me to find my “Mr. Darcy” or “Colonel Brandon”.
You see, we live in a time where everyone is hitting on each other at bars or resort to online dating (not judging, it is meant for some but not others), and for myself, I cannot go through with it. I’ve tried, but failed because of numerous reasons. And with that, I’ve given up.

If you are a hopeless romantic, don’t give up just because I did. I’m sure there are nice guys who you like, you just need to weed them out and find your true love.

One thought on “Just A Dream

  1. What you write here makes me remember my youth (“The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.”). Let no one, nothing, deter you. If your quest should take a lifetime of searching, with all the attendant joys and sorrows, disappointments, glimmers of a moment’s passing (see the Japanese idea of “Mono No Aware”). If, when you are 104, even 104, you have all of this to dream on, you will have a treasure. Just now I went to look for this quote: “Love was the food of life, and hope was its spirituality, and beauty was its reward to the seeing eye.” And you must see these two books, published by Hoopoe Press: “The Magic Horse” and “Fatima the Spinner and the Tent”.


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