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Starting off the Morning Right


I’m like every other person around the world, I love breakfast. Love is an overstatement of my feelings for breakfast. But nevertheless,  breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Pancakes,  waffles, eggs, turkey bacon, granola cereal, oatmeal,  the endless delicious meals you can create is outstanding and delicious.

But when a person wants to naturally detox their own body, they tend to choose the incorrect types of foods. There are several delicious breakfast items that help aide detoxing naturally (in no specific order):

-Granola cereal
-Hot tea
-Turkey bacon (portioned)
-Almond milk
-0% milk
-Decaffeinated coffee

These are the top fourteen items that will help naturally detox your body. And if you look at these items,  you can tell that you create so many different types of recipes. For me, I love making baked oatmeal or even eggs and spinach cups. Very easy to make,  highly delicious,  and helps you get rid of the toxins that are overwhelming your system.

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Welcome to 2016!


Technically, this post is a few days early. But who cares! Welcome to 2016, everyone! It is a brand new year and not only that, it is also time to create new resolutions for the year. So this post will be about resolutions for the year and ways to simplify your life for this year.

When it is the beginning of the new year, you look inside your home and suddenly realize that you have way too much stuff. Then you mosey on over to your refrigerator and freezer (or ice box, according to my mom), and realize that the foods you are keeping is destroying your body. You suddenly get overwhelmed by everything.  Stop. Here is what you do. 

1. Go through all of your clothes.
Any clothes that you haven’t used in the past 6 months or the past year, take it to the local charity locations and donate it. If they are unable to take them because they are filled with holes, then turn them into rags for chores.

2. Same thing for the kids toys.
Just like the clothes, go through the toys in the same manner. Donate the toys to kid charities. Chances are, those kids need the toys more than your child does, especially when they don’t play with them.

3. Feng Shui.
Rearrange all of your furniture. Creating a simple yet unique layout throughout the entire house or apartment, will create a harmonious environment.

4. Recreate your eating style..
Everyone is different when it comes to food. One person might be a vegetarian and another might be a carnivore. One person might love sweets, and another might hate sweets. Creating a healthier yet also indulgent meal plan for you will create a healthy kitchen for the house. If you are wanting a new meal plan, I would be honored to help you.

Besides simplifying your household and life, there are probably goals you have set for yourself for 2016. I know I have goals for the year. For me, I want to get back into acting, finish my herbal books and first novel, focus on my poetry, and get my herbal store up online and continue to help others. What is everyone’s goals for 2016? Comment below.

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Book Club: January


Welcome to 2016, everyone!  To start off the new year for the book club,  I chose a classic book, “The Old Man and The Sea” by Ernest Hemingway.

The Old Man and The Sea is a coming of age story of an Iod Cuban fisherman and a young boy.  It features a giant fish that is far out in the Gulf stream of Havana.  The story goes through the life of the boy and of the man, and witness whatever adventures waits for them.
Such a beautiful story that Hemingway has written. And it is indeed a classic.

Most of us had read this book in school for a project,  but for me,  I read it when I was in middle school while searching through the bookshelves of the library.  It is in my top 100 hundred list for anyone to read.

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To Be Yourself


Many of you know that I’m a spiritual person. I believe that there is a higher power, God; and I also believe in a wide variety of things. I believe in reincarnation, spirit guides, ancient traditions of my ancestors, meditation, prayers, combining the philosophy and spiritual side to my life, that everyone has a purpose and lesson to learn among other things.  And many of you know that I come from a diverse family that ranges from agnostic to religious to spiritual. I love my family, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But the ones who are religious don’t realize that I am completely different from them, especially when it comes to my spiritual path. They break the first rule of their religion, “Do not judge.” Yet they judge. And that’s not right.
I do not judge a soul on their spiritual path. It is something that they are discovering for themselves. They are discovering what they believe and who they are on a soul level. They are allowed to do such a thing because of free will and also it is what feels right to them.

When you feel like me, the black sheep; don’t worry what others say to you to try to change your mind. Let them say what they want, but you can still be who you are. You can still believe in all the things you believe. You can still be you. In fact, just be you.
For me, I’m brave and I’m allowed to be me. Are you ready to do the same thing?

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An Herbalist Advice: Golden Milk


The golden milk, also known as turmeric milk, is used to cure the common cold, congestion, sore throat, and even depression. This is commonly used in India and other lower Asian countries. It’s inevitable, we all deal with the common colds, sore throats and depression. Whenever I am dealing with a sore throat or even feeling a little down, I make this drink. It automatically starts to work and makes me feel better on the inside, as well on the outside. You can even make it on a cold winter’s day to heal yourself.

The recipe is very easy to follow and you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.

2 cups of milk (or substitute coconut milk)
1 teaspoon dried turmeric (or one-half inch fresh turmeric thinly sliced or diced)
1 teaspoon dried ginger (or one-half inch fresh ginger thinly sliced or diced)
A sprinkle of black pepper.
Honey to taste

Golden Milk Steps:
Place milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Add turmeric, ginger, and pepper. Stir well if you are using the dried spices. Let the milk begin to simmer — small bubbles will form on the sides of the saucepan. Stir.
Allow to heat for another minute or two being careful not to let the milk overheat. Continue to stir at this point to get better heat distribution and so that you don’t end up distracted in your kitchen and end up with boiled turmeric in your burner pans.
Turn off heat, cover, and allow the mixture to sit for ten minutes or so to improve the infusion. Strain the milk through a strainer if you have used fresh ingredients. Serve warm.

If you are dealing with the common cold, or have the symptoms, then turn on the stove top and make the delicious drink. If you are feeling down, this drink will lift your spirits in a positive way.

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What Will Become of Me? (Poem)


When I die,
What will become of me?
Will I turn into a beautiful bird,
And fly in the winter breeze?
Will I turn into a book,
For others to read?

When I die,
What will become of me?
Will I turn into an angel to help others?
Will I turn into an element to protect mother earth?

Life is already mysterious,
And so is the spiritual plane.
All I know is,
My soul will reincarnate into something once again.

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Namasté. This word is of Hindu origin and the meaning is extremely beautiful. When saying namasté, you say it with a slight bow and your hands placed together, palm to palm with your fingers pointing up. As you say this beautiful word with the gesture, you are saying, “I bow to the divine in you.” I think it is such a fantastic way to greet another soul. Another meaning to this word is, “I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you.” I don’t know about you, but I love that. It is showing that you see that person on every level. It is as if you are able to see their soul so clearly and see the aura that surrounds their well being.

As a person who meditates and practices yoga, I also incorporate using the word namasté in my greetings to many of my friends and family members. It shows that I honor them, that I see the beauty that lies inside of them.

The next person you meet, instead of saying hi, say namasté. It is more personal, beautiful, and spiritual awakening.