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Still Hope


This date is going horrible. He (or she) is not who they say they are. They are not the one. There is no communication between us. Worst date ever.

These sentences have been uttered by pretty much everyone in this world, including myself. For the past several years, I have had several horrible dates that never went on to having a second date, and for good reasons to. One guy kept texting during the entire date and didn’t talk at all, and another left me only a quarter of the way through the date to go ski with his friend while leaving me to ski all on my own (ski date). Those are just a couple of the horrible dates I’ve been on. And for the longest time, I kept telling myself “There’s no one out there. There are no good men out there.” This was because I kept having these horrible dates.
But recently, I went on a date that changed my whole perspective. This guy was outgoing, funny and overall generous. We had sushi, made fun of each other, had ice cream and formed a friendship. Sure, we are not going to be together in dating terms, but we are great as friends. He showed me that dating can be fun and relaxing, while being serious. He was the first guy who didn’t walk out on the date or be on his phone. He was the first guy who opened up the car door for me. He was the first guy who showed me that something was waiting for me around the corner.
After years of having these horrible dates, there is something in the air that has changed for me. Something in my personal romantic life has changed for the better, just because of this one amazing date. And it’s a feeling that I’ve never felt before. I can honestly thank my friend for this. That date changed my perspective on dating, love and changes to come.

I once said that I had given up, that I realized that I would never have the chance of getting married or having the family I wanted. But after the date with the friend, I know that there is still hope. It’s just waiting for me to venture out into the winds and ocean waves, to take me into the relationship that I’m supposed to be in.
If you feel like there is no hope in finding love, just wait. Wait till you have had that date where it changes everything. You will be surprised.

7 thoughts on “Still Hope

  1. Keep this in mind, dear lady… By your writings here, it’s clear that you are what, in my time, we unabashedly called “one in a million”. Just so, you too are looking for a “one in a million” lover, friend, moment. And you’re right; they are definitely hard to find, almost invisible at times, unnoticed in passing. That said, love is everywhere. Really so. That isn’t just a platitude. Keep your eyes (and heart) open. So says this old codger.

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    1. You have such kind words sir, thank you.
      It may be hard to find such a love in one person, but it is not impossible. It is possible to find. But we have to open our eyes, hearts and souls to witness and truly let “the one” enter our lives.


      1. Are you familiar with the writings of Lou Andreas-Salomé? A gifted intellect and beautiful soul, also the love-interest, muse, of the poet, Rilke, as well as Nietzsche and Freud. And then there was Anais Nin, and Alma Mahler. Extraordinary women that not many young people know about today (tho’ among the one-in-a-million there may be more). At 73 I’ve just begun reading Jung on the idea of the Anima. Oh, such configurations of light and life therein!

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  2. I’m very familiar with all of these amazing people. I’m a fan of Rilke and Nietzsche, such amazing works that have been published. You can see what they saw in Lou when they were writing. Anais is very well known, to me at least. I’ve known about her for quite some time. If I’m correct, she was John Steinbeck’s lover.
    I hope you are enjoying all of the books you are currently reading. I just reread “The Prince” by Nicolò Machiavelli.
    I’m curious, why would you say that I’m “one in a million”?


    1. How about that? Seems like a conversation. But, in the moment, I have promises to keep. So I promise to answer your curiosity tomorrow. Mine would be as to how it is that, in this world and time, you somehow managed to journey otherwise and thereby discover such people as these?


      1. I’ve always been a bookworm, artist and history buff. With being all three of these, I came across all of these colorful people while rummaging through libraries and second hand bookstores. Their stories and works have fascinated me since I was a little kid. It’s hard to describe in only a few words, but they have caught my attention.
        I am unlike most people from my generation when it comes to knowing of timeless literary idols.


    2. To be “one in a million” is to be oneself – and true to that as one may be. Needless to say, it isn’t easy to be oneself. Far easier to become a meme: All you have to do is close your eyes, your heart, your mind, and succumb to sleep. “This way to the Egress, children!” But you, my dear, already know this. That this is so is self-evident in much of your writing. One just needs the right sort of ‘antennae’ to recognize the spirit-of-the-place hidden there within the flower of the hermitage. Since one cannot buy the ‘antennae-by-any-other-name’ online or elsewhere, the number of strangers, lovers, acrobats, time-travelers (et al) one might meet while out on a stroll in the world-at-large is necessarily greater than those possessing said ‘antennae’ (not to mention some necessary practice in attunement. But even the amateurs (so long as they are in earnest, or striving to be) may yet sense an inner ‘inkling’ when finding themselves in the presence or vicinity of a Kindred Spirit. And then, my hopeful surmising (experience over the years – for better and for worse) is that even truly wonderful things may happen. Remember always, the wisdom of Nasruddin Hodja: “Who knows? The horse may even learn to sing!”


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