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To Be Yourself


Many of you know that I’m a spiritual person. I believe that there is a higher power, God; and I also believe in a wide variety of things. I believe in reincarnation, spirit guides, ancient traditions of my ancestors, meditation, prayers, combining the philosophy and spiritual side to my life, that everyone has a purpose and lesson to learn among other things.  And many of you know that I come from a diverse family that ranges from agnostic to religious to spiritual. I love my family, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But the ones who are religious don’t realize that I am completely different from them, especially when it comes to my spiritual path. They break the first rule of their religion, “Do not judge.” Yet they judge. And that’s not right.
I do not judge a soul on their spiritual path. It is something that they are discovering for themselves. They are discovering what they believe and who they are on a soul level. They are allowed to do such a thing because of free will and also it is what feels right to them.

When you feel like me, the black sheep; don’t worry what others say to you to try to change your mind. Let them say what they want, but you can still be who you are. You can still believe in all the things you believe. You can still be you. In fact, just be you.
For me, I’m brave and I’m allowed to be me. Are you ready to do the same thing?

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