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Welcome to 2016!


Technically, this post is a few days early. But who cares! Welcome to 2016, everyone! It is a brand new year and not only that, it is also time to create new resolutions for the year. So this post will be about resolutions for the year and ways to simplify your life for this year.

When it is the beginning of the new year, you look inside your home and suddenly realize that you have way too much stuff. Then you mosey on over to your refrigerator and freezer (or ice box, according to my mom), and realize that the foods you are keeping is destroying your body. You suddenly get overwhelmed by everything.  Stop. Here is what you do. 

1. Go through all of your clothes.
Any clothes that you haven’t used in the past 6 months or the past year, take it to the local charity locations and donate it. If they are unable to take them because they are filled with holes, then turn them into rags for chores.

2. Same thing for the kids toys.
Just like the clothes, go through the toys in the same manner. Donate the toys to kid charities. Chances are, those kids need the toys more than your child does, especially when they don’t play with them.

3. Feng Shui.
Rearrange all of your furniture. Creating a simple yet unique layout throughout the entire house or apartment, will create a harmonious environment.

4. Recreate your eating style..
Everyone is different when it comes to food. One person might be a vegetarian and another might be a carnivore. One person might love sweets, and another might hate sweets. Creating a healthier yet also indulgent meal plan for you will create a healthy kitchen for the house. If you are wanting a new meal plan, I would be honored to help you.

Besides simplifying your household and life, there are probably goals you have set for yourself for 2016. I know I have goals for the year. For me, I want to get back into acting, finish my herbal books and first novel, focus on my poetry, and get my herbal store up online and continue to help others. What is everyone’s goals for 2016? Comment below.

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