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Starting off the Morning Right


I’m like every other person around the world, I love breakfast. Love is an overstatement of my feelings for breakfast. But nevertheless,  breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Pancakes,  waffles, eggs, turkey bacon, granola cereal, oatmeal,  the endless delicious meals you can create is outstanding and delicious.

But when a person wants to naturally detox their own body, they tend to choose the incorrect types of foods. There are several delicious breakfast items that help aide detoxing naturally (in no specific order):

-Granola cereal
-Hot tea
-Turkey bacon (portioned)
-Almond milk
-0% milk
-Decaffeinated coffee

These are the top fourteen items that will help naturally detox your body. And if you look at these items,  you can tell that you create so many different types of recipes. For me, I love making baked oatmeal or even eggs and spinach cups. Very easy to make,  highly delicious,  and helps you get rid of the toxins that are overwhelming your system.

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