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Book Signing Contest!


Hello, to all of my followers and readers! First of all, I would like to say thank you so very much for reading all of my articles, and letting me help you with herbal remedies and sharing my poetry. I am so grateful to all of you, you are amazing! That be said, for the month of February I am hosting a poetry book signing contest on here, Facebook and Twitter. This contest will start at the beginning of February and until the very last day. I will pick one winner and they will receive a personalized signed copy of book of my poetry books The Nymph of the Unknown Forest and Beyond the Pillars.
All you have to do to enter is to like this post and to comment below which resolution do you plan on keeping for the rest of the year. It is that easy!
Once again, thank you to everyone who reads this site, it’s truly humbling and I never thought that I would be able to reach people over in India, Poland, or even Lebanon!

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Book Club: February


For the month of February, the book that has been selected is The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. This book is one of my favorites of all time, and I enjoy reading it whenever I can. This book was published in 1988, originally in Portuguese. But it was translated and published in English in 1993. Even though it is a short story, it is one that will live long in the minds of mankind.

The story follows a young shepherd named Santiago who goes on a journey to Egypt, after he keeps having recurring dreams of finding treasure there. The reason why he begins on this journey is because he believes his dream is prophetic, and in his heart and mind he feels as though he must go on this journey. Before he sets off, he goes to a fortune teller in a nearby town to discover what the meaning is behind his dream (who doesn’t want to know the meaning behind their dreams), the fortune teller tells him that there is a treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. In the early stages of his journey, he meets an old king, who tells him to sell his sheep in order for him to travel to Egypt and introduces the idea of the Personal Legend to Santiago. According to the king, the personal legend “is what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is.” With this in his mind, Santiago goes on and proceeds with his journey.

In a sense, this book is a coming of age book and also a spiritual book. It is one that I would highly recommend without a doubt, due to the fact that not only am I spiritual but I feel as though others would be able to enjoy the journey with Santiago and to also find their own Personal Legend as they go to Egypt inside their minds.

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Divine Self (Poem)


Nature is my altar,
The four winds are my music.
These trees and flowers are the beginning pages of the book of life.
Either solitary or in a group,
It does not matter,
For I pray to the divine spirit for guidance in my own personal way.

Hope in thy mind,
Love in thy heart,
I’m learning the zen way of life,
In order to harness the divine spirit inside my soul.

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Personal Legend


What did you want to be when you grew up? Who did you want to become? Did you have an idea? Did you have a gut feeling of knowing that “this is what I want to do”? I’ve always believed that everyone has a purpose on this earth. I also believe that no matter how old you are, whether you are 12 or 88 years old, you have a specific path that will guide you through life and you will be able to figure out who you are and what you are meant to do will come to you at different points in your life.

In the book, The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, the main theme is not only spiritual but also about the main character Santiago to find his Personal Legend. He is meant to figure out who he is and who he is to become and to see if he has become what he has always wanted for him. When I was a kid, I had read this book and thought to myself about what I wanted more than anything in the world. And even though I wanted to be an archaeologist or a history teacher, the two main things that I wanted to become was a healer and an author. Ironically enough, I have become those two things. The universe has helped me become what I wanted for myself. The universe and my own spiritual path guided me down the rocky road that leads me to here and now. Sure, it is tough sometimes but life is always going to be tough.The one thing I have noticed though is that the universe and my spiritual path are not only focusing on those two things, they are also focusing on what I want internally. Externally, I wanted to be a healer and an author. Internally, I want to find my home in the spiritual realm and to seek enlightenment for myself. I can constantly tell when a new lesson is to be learned and can tell when I am progressing in the way that my heart, mind and soul wants me to. The universe is there to guide me, just like my spiritual path is.

This goes for everyone around the world. When you sit there and think about what you wanted when you were a kid, what do you remember? Do you remember what you truly wanted to be? Did you want to be a scientist, teacher, maybe a painter? Did you find yourself by going to church, being in nature, or in the books that lay all over your bedroom and living room floor? Even if you can’t remember right now what it is that you want, your mind, heart and soul knows what you truly want and is constantly working on helping you achieve those accomplishments. Even if you can’t remember right now, just remember that the universe and your own spiritual path knows what you want and is guiding you along the way.

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An Herbalist Advice: Ganoderma lucidum


Who out there has asthma? I definitely do, my asthma is brought on by exercise induced and also brought on by specific allergies that occur. Having asthma is never fun, you feel like you are losing control, your head is spinning, your heart races, a headache begins, the room seems to be moving and the floor looks like it is about to drop out from underneath you. No one should have to deal with it, but sadly most of the population around the world is affected by it. There are inhalers that can help you relieve some of the symptoms that would occur, but for some they might get addicted to always relying on the medications that their physicians provide for them. Here is one of the better alternatives for having asthma.

Ganoderma lucidum, also known as reishi is a medicinal mushroom. This healthy mushroom has a lot of great effects that helps those who deal with asthma, and it even has the ability to reduce allergies. Reishi does inhibit some of the chemical mediators of inflammation, this does include histamine. Over in China, this herb is used to treat asthma and other allergic disease. Because it acts as an immune tonic, it is perfect for those who have asthma due to the fact that they will benefit from it.
The typical dosage is up to five 420 milligram capsules per day, or up to three 1,000 milligram tablets per day.

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Meditation (Poem)


The room is quiet,
No sound can be heard for miles.
All I can hear is the sound of my heart beating,
and the sound of my own breathing.
It is calm,
it is soothing.
It is everything that I am looking for.

My eyes are closed,
My heart is open.
I escape to a world that I have created.
A place that has several doors,
A place that no one has ever been to before.
This place is my place.
A place for me to relax.
A place for me to breathe.
A place for me to wipe away all the negativity.

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An Herbalist Advice: Actaea Racemosa


Ladies, it is part of our nature to have our monthly friend, our menstrual cycle. Yes, it is disturbing and disgusting, but it is something that we must go through until our bodies go straight into menopause. But while we are going through our menstrual cycle, we have to endure a few of the notorious side effects that our bodies decide to throw at us: pain, cramps, uterine swelling, fluid retention, mood swings, among many others. Thankfully, there is an herb that can help relieve the pain that we endure while we are on our menstrual cycle.

Actaea Racemosa, also known as black cohosh, is an amazing herb. It has the ability to relieve the pain, cramps, and the uterine swelling. This herb is usually blended with vitex which is found in commercial formulas for menstrual difficulties. The one thing with this herb is that it must be taken over a period of time for it to be effective. The typical dosage is 3 to 4 dropperfuls of the tincture two times per day. However, if you must be cautious just like with anything else. For some women, this herb might bring on heavy menstrual bleeding.

There are other herbs that you may use if you want to help relieve any symptoms you may be experiencing, if you want to know what they are please let me know and I will tell you what they are and how to use them.