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Perfect Sunday Morning (Poem )


The sound of rain lightly hits the window,
Filling the room with an other worldly sound.
The smell of the rain and fog creeps through the cracks of the window,
Whisking me off into another world.

I sit up in bed with books scattered all over,
And a tray filled with a delicious breakfast waiting to be devoured.
I hold the cup of tea in my hands,
While my eyes were fixed on a page in a book.
My mind is gone,
and so is the sound of the rain.
But the smell of the rain and fog still lingers in the air.
Transporting me deeper into the book.
I know I will never escape.
Why would I want to?
To stay in these books would be heaven.
To jump from story to story.
Always having a new adventure.
Sure, reality is nice.
But these books make life more exciting.

These rainy Sunday’s are my favorite.
Escape to a new world,
And a delicious hot breakfast makes my day.
Who wouldn’t want to stay like this all day?
I wish Sundays never ended,
But alas they must.
For now I must bid you adieú and scamper off.
A new story,
A new adventure,
Each rainy Sunday from now and forever.

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