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Your Body, Your Style


If we show too much skin, we are labeled sluts. If we show too little of our skin, we are labeled prude. This is what society says to us. It is like a game to the world where everyone judges one another of how they dress and what they look like. In all honesty, why should it matter what society tells us. It is our body, it is our vessel. We are allowed to dress however we want. That being said, for all of the feminists out there who talk down to another woman about how she dresses, you are not helping at all. You are basically doing the exact same thing that society is doing. You say that you want equality and that you want to be able to have everything in the world, that’s great but that means you cannot talk down another female about how she dresses. It is her body and she is allowed to dress however she wants to. I am a feminist and proud of it, I see no reason why to bash another woman and tell her that she shouldn’t be dressed in a certain manner. It isn’t my body and mind, and honestly she isn’t harming me in any way.
I know of some women who wear very revealing clothing, that’s all good for them, that’s their style. Personally, I couldn’t do it. Mainly because I feel like it isn’t part of my personality to wear clothes like that, and it’s just not me. If certain friends or random people who I do not know want to wear revealing clothes, then so be it. They can wear whatever they want, it’s their choice. I am not them and I am definitely not their mother.

When it comes to my style of clothes, most of you know by now it is a term I’ve coined SexyMod. SexyMod to me is sexy and modest at the same time. I use natural elements, bohemian influences, tomboy, whimsical and a dash of Moroccan in my style (you can see my style on Pinterest). I like tailored clothing, where it highlights my curves but at the same time it leaves a lot to the imagination. It suits my personality and who I am as a person. When it comes to my wardrobe, I like to only show one thing at a time. For example, if I want to show off my legs, then I would wear shorts or a skirt with a top that will cover my bosom and midriff. It is just how my mind works and how I feel about my own clothing. I don’t dress for anyone but myself.

And that goes for every woman out there, she doesn’t dress for another person to see and judge her. She dresses for herself. She dresses according to her personality. That is just how she is with her fashion choices. There is no need to take down a person by bashing what they wear or how they wear it, just because you don’t do whatever she is doing.

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