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Tree Deva


“Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind. Their leaves are telling a secret.” – Vera Nazarian

When you are out in nature, out in the forest, do you stop and listen to the wind? Do you listen to the leaves swaying back and forth on the branches? Do you listen to the grass that is below your feet and whispering to you about a little secret? I do. In fact, I always have. Ever since I was a young girl, when I was around the trees, I would stop what I was doing and listened. I listened to the same wind that my ancestors once listened to. I smelt the same smell of the wind that my ancestors once smelled. I let the leaves on the branches tell me their secret. It’s such a beautiful thing, and to this day I still do that. I will go get lost in the middle of the forest and listen to what the trees are wanting to tell me.

This may sound odd to most of you, but coming from a Native American and druid heritage the trees are a big part of not only my spiritual well being but also of my personality. The trees and I have always been friends. If you asked my parents what the number one thing I used to do growing up was, they would tell you that I would sit in front of a tree and read or I would even hug a tree and literally would say, “Thank you.” “Why did you say thank you to the trees?” You are asking. It’s pretty easy to answer. It is because trees give us oxygen, they give us the opportunity to breathe and be able to survive on this planet. That alone is a good reason why I am thankful for them. Even in my mid-20’s I am still hugging trees whenever I see one, because I am thankful to them for giving me oxygen, thankful for them being my friends when I was a very introverted little girl, and thankful that they provided homes for my ancestors when they lived in the middle of nowhere and had only tipi’s  to cover them during storms and wild animals.

Because of the trees that cover the meadows and forests, I will be forever grateful to them and I will forever protect them.


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