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Just Breathe


Right now, you are overwhelmed, your mind is racing a million times faster than usual; keeping you up at night and not letting you get the sleep that you desperately need. You don’t know what to do, you don’t know how to stop your mind racing, you don’t know how to make your body stop and just relax. You are giving into the 9 to 5 work world, and occasionally working the weekends, having the inability to spend time with your significant other, your kids, your friends.

When you are not taking a breather for yourself, you are slowly killing yourself and you just don’t know it. You do not realize that your heart is going faster than normal, which will lead you going to the hospital. You do not realize that your mind is not able to take a break, if your mind is not having that much needed break you will end up having a mental breakdown, which is a horrible thing to go through. Yes, we live in this crazy society that says that we must work to provide for ourselves, for our family, and for others around the world. Except there is one major problem with that, if you give into the work world completely then you have lost yourself and lost the control over your body, mind and soul. A person who does not take a moment for themselves is slowly hurting themselves without knowing it.

In order to be sane, in order to gain clarity and still be able to do all of the things that must be done is to stop. Stop what you are doing. Stop for thirty minutes to an hour, twice a week and just breathe. Breathe in the clean air. Breathe in the incense that is burning during your meditation. Just breathe. It will soothe not only your body, but it will also soothe your mind and soul. That is what you need. That is what your mind craves. That is what your soul wants. That is what your body needs. You can find easy soothing ways to just breathe and get away from everything. You can bake in the kitchen, meditate, garden, go for a run or swim. Anything that can get you away from the work world and away from technology is the best way to just breathe and gain control over yourself.

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