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The Tale of Cleopatra and Marc Antony (Poem)


The lover has passed,
leaving her majesty all alone.
She fumes in anger,
as she sits upon her throne.
The only subject who has her attention,
is her son who craves complete affection.
Day after day,
night after night;
the place in her bed,
is empty just like part of her heart.

One day,
a warrior came back into her life.
A man she knew once before,
when her lover was alive.
In front of her majesty,
this majestic man stood before her.
His tall stature,
His brown eyes,
brought women to their knees.
This happened to her majesty,
but only internally.
One look upon this mighty soldier,
and she fell in love.
She wished to conquer his heart,
and he wished to do the same.

She reigned over Egypt,
she conquered the soldier’s heart.
But in this tale,
it starts with a sad ending,
it ends with it as well.

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