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Book Club: March


For the month of March, the book that has been chosen is Lucrezia Borgia by Sarah Bradford. This book is a historical book based upon the life of one of members of an infamous family that lived from the years 1480 to 1519. This book goes into very good detail of the life that she lived, the things she had learned and the people she loved. This young woman has a terrible reputation due to the media portraying her as a woman who had no remorse, loved killing, and have incest relations with not only her father but also with her older brother Cesare. During that time, the Italians loved the sexual innuendos that seemed to follow everyone, therefor the rumors of these accounts have not been actually investigated, instead they have been accepted as if they actually happened.

This book goes over her unique compassionate personality, the trials she faced, coming into her own sexuality and figuring out what she wanted. She was pretty independent for the time period, yet she still craved love and affection, even craved marriage and a family of her own.

If you are into history, this book will be great for you. I’ve read this book several times and thoroughly enjoyed every moment and every word of it. As you read each page, it will feel as though you are being transported back in time and able to see Lucrezia live her life.


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